Friday, September 28, 2007

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord

We had our monthly newsroom lunch yesterday at the Cleveland County Fair. While searching for something to eat, here's some of what I saw listed on menus: french fries (duh), funnel cakes, blooming onions, barbecue, fried Oreos and more.
I have to have vinegar fries at the fair every year. It's a tradition that began so long ago that I really don't remember it's beginnings, only that Cullers near the exhibit hall has the best ones.
A more recent addition to my "must-have fair foods" is Frito pie. It's really nothing more than chili beans over corn chips, but it's soooo yummy. I could make it at home, but it's just not the same.
I'm heading back out to the fair this weekend to see what else I can find to munch on.
(And two pop culture points to anyone who can tell me the inspiration for this entry's headline.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Foogo forgotten

In Wednesday's Food section was a brief about a new type of Sippy cup, a Foogo by Thermos Brand.
I recently tested out the Foogo, and here's what I thought: It works great until you leave milk in it for three days.
I tried the Foogo one Saturday when we planned an outing to Gaffney. Granted, Gaffney really isn't that far from home, but I wanted Nathan's milk to stay cold for several hours. And depending on what I'm finding at the outlet malls, my shopping adventures can last that long.
I filled up Foogo and off we went.
The milk left in the cup stayed cold. I was actually rather impressed with the cup. However, when we got home later that day, I couldn't get the lid off. Muttering a bad word, I placed it in the sink with every intention of having my husband strong-arm it off later.
Several days later I remembered the cup ... after the smell of sour milk wafted up from the sink while I was loading the dishwasher.
By that point, I wasn't liking Foogo very much. The lid finally off, it now needed to be broken down to be washed. And there are lots of little parts to the lid. (Normally I just use a Playtex cup, which only has a plastic valve to remove for washing.)
I sent Foogo through the dishwasher and thought "That's that."
Even after three dishwashings the cup smelled terrible. It's stainless steel, so I thought it wouldn't keep stinking. I finally resorted to filling it with water and some bleach and letting it sit another three days. It still sorta smells. Stephen's put it up in the cabinet, but I haven't used it again yet.
So ... here's my opinion of Foogo: If you remember to dump the contents out after use, it'll probably be a great cup for you. However, I'll stick to my Playtex cups which are easier to use and are also touted as insulated. Thus far, I haven't had a problem with them. (Plus, they are cheaper. Foogo retails for around $15, whereas two Playtex cups are $9.99.)
Moms, let me know which cups you prefer.

Monday, September 24, 2007

History lesson

OK, my husband is notorious for watching what I refer to as "nerd TV." That is, shows on History Channel, TLC, Discovery, etc., that I'm not really interested in. (I'd just as soon be watching a comedy or reading a book.)
But last night I actually had my interest piqued by what he was watching. I heard the name Patrick Ferguson and thought, "Hey, I've heard of him!"
What Stephen was watching was a show called "Hillbilly: The Real Story." And part of the show was dedicated to the Overmountain Men and the Battle of Kings Mountain. It was incredibly informative and I really, really enjoyed it.
In case you missed it, the program airs again Thursday morning at 8 and then again that afternoon at 2 on the History Channel. Let me know if you watch it!