Friday, November 21, 2008

Much anticipated NKOTB concert review

Sorry, ya'll, that it took me so long to write about my experiences at the New Kids on the Block concert in Charlotte. It's been almost a month since the concert ....
I haven't been to very many pop/rock concerts - most of my experiences have been at country concerts, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Actually, what I expected is what I saw - 20 and 30-something women screaming like teenage girls!
I was a little worried about hearing the New Kids live. Let's face it, they are not "new" kids anymore and they haven't toured in 15 years.
But I was not disappointed.
The concert opened with some of their classic hits, but also included songs from their new album "The Block." Some of the songs on "The Block" that I didn't like before the concert I now like simply because I heard them live.
Of course I swooned when Joe McIntyre - who will be my favorite NKOTB member 'til my dying day - sang "Please Don't Go Girl." But later in the show, it was adult applause and genuine respect I lavished on him for his performance of his solo hit "Stay the Same."
Say what you want about the New Kids (those who are haters, that is), but it takes not only talent to wage a comeback, but guts. And New Kids fans are the best in the world, so how could a reunion be anything other than a hit?
Here are some videos I found on YouTube from the Charlotte show. Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween fun

I'm a little behind in blogging. I blame it on the excitement over going to see NKOTB (more on the concert in another post) and the election (which is blessedly, now over.)

One of the perks of being a lifestyles writer is that companies often send us new products to test and review. One of the more interesting pitches I received was for the new Pumpkin Master's Carving Kits.

I've used the old ones, but the new and improved ones have updated patterns and there was even one with various decades (which included a lava lamp that we carved.)

My family enjoyed carving pumpkins this year. Last year Nathan didn't really understand, but this year he liked pulling seeds out of the goop.

Here's some pictures of the finished products.