Friday, November 30, 2007

Are you lonesome tonight, today, every weekend?

I feel fortunate that, for the most part, my husband's hobbies don't take him too far from me. (Unlike my brothers-in-law, who ride motorcycles each and every weekend unless it's too cold. And by too cold I mean snow or ice is on the ground.)
But I know there are some of you out there who have husbands (or even wives) who are either fans of some sport or have hobbies that most likely leave you alone during the week or on the weekends.
I'm looking for you.
I am working on a story called "Loving the man (or woman), not the fan." If you fit into this category, give me a call at (704) 669-3330.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Are you an Emma or a Jane?

In Saturday's paper is a story about how pop culture and trends help determine what names will be popular.
Here are the most popular names over the decades, according to the Social Security Administration. Names are listed in order of popularity. The rankings don’t factor in different spellings of a name, so a popular name such as Mackenzie might not make it on the government list because there are so many variations in spelling. For more name trivia, go to The site lists the top 1,000 names by birth year and popular names by state, and chronicles how the popularity of a name has changed in rank over the years.
Boys: Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, Anthony, Christopher, Joseph Girls: Emily, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Olivia, Isabella, Hannah, Samantha, Ava, Ashley
Boys: Jacob, Michael Joshua, Matthew, Andrew, Christopher, Joseph, Daniel, Nicholas, Ethan Girls: Emily, Madison, Hannah, Emma, Ashley, Abigail, Alexis, Olivia, Samantha, Sarah, Elizabeth
Boys: Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, Jacob, Nicholas, Andrew, Daniel Tyler, Joseph Girls: Jessica, Ashley, Emily, Sarah, Samantha, Amanda, Brittany, Elizabeth, Taylor, Hannah 1980s
Boys: Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, David, James, Daniel, Robert, John, Joseph Girls: Jessica, Jennifer, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, Stephanie, Melissa, Nichole, Elizabeth, Heather
Boys: Michael, Christopher, Jason, David, James, John, Robert, Brian, William, Matthew
Girls: Jennifer, Amy, Melissa, Michelle, Kimberly, Lisa, Anita, Heather, Stephanie, Nicole
Boys: Michael, David, John, James, Robert, Mark, William, Richard, Thomas, Jeffrey
Girls: Lisa, Mary, Susan, Karen, Kimberly, Patricia, Linda, Donna, Michelle, Cynthia
Boys: James, Michael, Robert, John, David, William, Richard, Thomas, Mark, Charles
Girls: Mary, Linda, Patricia, Susan, Deborah, Barbara, Debra, Karen, Nancy, Donna
Boys: James, Robert, John, William, Richard, David, Charles, Thomas, Michael, Ronald
Girls: Mary, Linda, Barbara, Patricia, Carol, Sandra, Nancy, Sharon, Judith, Susan
Boys: Robert, James, John, William, Richard, Charles, Donald, George, Thomas, Joseph
Girls: Mary, Betty, Barbara, Shirley, Patricia, Dorothy, Joan, Margaret, Nancy, Helen
Boys: Robert, John, James, William, Charles, George, Joseph, Richard, Edward
Girls: Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Betty, Margaret, Ruth, Virginia, Doris, Mildred
Boys: John, William, James, Robert, Joseph, George, Charles, Edward, Frank, Thomas
Girls: Mary, Helen, Dorothy, Margaret, Ruth, Mildred, Anna, Elizabeth, Frances, Virginia
Boys: John, William, James, George, Charles, Robert Joseph, Frank, Edward, Thomas
Girls: Mary, Helen Margaret, Anna, Ruth, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Marie, Florence, Mildred
Boys: John, William, James, George, Charles, Joseph, Frank, Robert, Edward, Henry
Girls: Mary, Anna, Margaret, Helen, Elizabeth, Ruth, Florence, Ethel, Emma, Marie
Boys: John, William, James, Charles, George, Frank, Joseph, Thomas, Henry, Robert
Girls: Mary, Anna, Emma, Elizabeth, Marge, Minnie, Ida, Bertha, Clara, Alice

Monday, November 05, 2007

Joyeux Noel in November

I have a dirty little secret.
It's not even a week past Halloween, and I'm already listening to Christmas music.
It's sad, right?
Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. I love it. As a kid I'd stage productions of the Nativity with my favorite doll as Jesus and my other stuffed animals as wise men, etc. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I'm actually a little sad to put up the Christmas tree.
Christmas was a big deal in my family. It was - and still is - one of the few times my entire family is together under one roof. As a child that meant 8 grandkids (me included) running around opening gifts and eating candy and cookies.
Now we're all grown and our children are the ones running around waiting for gifts.
So I'll keep right on listening to Christmas music and reminiscing ...