Monday, September 24, 2007

History lesson

OK, my husband is notorious for watching what I refer to as "nerd TV." That is, shows on History Channel, TLC, Discovery, etc., that I'm not really interested in. (I'd just as soon be watching a comedy or reading a book.)
But last night I actually had my interest piqued by what he was watching. I heard the name Patrick Ferguson and thought, "Hey, I've heard of him!"
What Stephen was watching was a show called "Hillbilly: The Real Story." And part of the show was dedicated to the Overmountain Men and the Battle of Kings Mountain. It was incredibly informative and I really, really enjoyed it.
In case you missed it, the program airs again Thursday morning at 8 and then again that afternoon at 2 on the History Channel. Let me know if you watch it!

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OMG, you blogged! Keep it up!