Monday, January 28, 2008

Addressing my message board fame

Apparently I'm a hit on The Star's message board.
In Friday's paper, I wrote a story about a new class being offered through the continuing education department at Isothermal Community College. The class, being taught by GWU student David Roberts, is about the book of Revelation in the Bible.
All my life I've heard this called Revelations, plural. So on Thursday, I double-checked to see that I had it correct. Since I didn't, I corrected it in the drophed (which is the smaller headline on stories.)
But I failed to correct it in the story.
So for those of you who have been debating the issue, I simply goofed.
But I'm incredibly pleased to be fodder for conversation because it at least means one of you read the story on Friday, so my effort wasn't in vain.

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Laura said...

Don't you feel special that your story sparked such a debate? You clearly did your job as a journalist. Rock on.