Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In case you don't know, we liked food in the newsroom

Of course, Food Lion had no way of knowing this when it sent the samples of its new "On the Go Bistro" line that it would be feeding a bunch of poor journalists, but that's what happened.
The samples landed on my desk just before lunch today and the arrival was announced by Cherish Wilson with "You got a box marked perishable. Open it and let's feast."
So we did.
Graham, Cherish, Joy, Jackie and I all tried some of the foods. While Graham, Cherish and I all ate the Baked Ziti, Mac n Cheese and Baked Apples, Joy and Jackie tired the ziti and apples.
It was all sooo yummy.

Here is the list of items in the line with prices:
Mac and Cheese - 32 oz
Chicken Alfredo - 32 oz
Spaghetti and Meatballs - 32 oz
Beef Stew - 32 oz
Baked Ziti - 32 oz
Mashed Potatoes -28 oz
Creamed Spinach -12 oz
Mashed Potato (butter) -12
Cheddar mashed Potatoes - 12 oz
Mac and Cheese (standard ) - 12 oz
Sweet Sauteed Apples - 12 oz
Chicken Alfredo - 8 oz
Spaghetti and Meatballs - 11 oz
Beef Stew - 8 oz.
Seasoned Green beans - 12 oz.
Vegetable medley - 12 oz.
Baked Beans - 12 oz.
Brown Gravy - 8.4 oz
Baked Ziti - 12 oz.

Prices range from $2.49 for the Brown gravy to $7.99 for 32 oz. Chicken
Alfredo, for example.

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