Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day = Baking disasters for mom

This is the second year I've had issues with making dessert for my husband for Father's Day.
The first year Stephen celebrated Father's Day was in 2006 - when Nathan was just a few weeks old. So I didn't even bother that year.
Last year I was all set to bake up a beautiful Red Velvet Cake. Except my baking powder was bad and the first cake I baked was only 2 inches tall. I had to send Stephen to the grocery store for more red food coloring and baking powder so I could hurriedly make another one.
Fast forward one year. This year I was going to make cheesecake, one of his favorite's. Except I opened the cabinet to find I'd run out of vanilla flavoring and hadn't replenished it.
Off to Food Lion Stephen went.
I told him later that next year I'd just buy him a cake. He gave me the stink eye. I guess he'd rather go to the store and homemade goodness than get a store bought cake. (I'm flattered by this, actually!)

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