Friday, August 08, 2008

The human pirranha strikes again

I got a phone call Thursday morning from preschool. This how it went.
"Nathan has bit another child and we need you to come talk to him."
My response: "I'm 30 minutes away, but put him on the phone. Oh, and you have my permission to spank him."
Nathan gets on the phone: "Nathan, who did you bite? Mommy is going to spank you this afternoon."
Several hours later, I'm at daycare. As promised, I pop his bottom and we go home.
When I pulled into daycare and started unbuckling him, he looked at me and said "No biting today, mommy."
Let's hope it sticks.


Anonymous said...

Woah - they asked you to come to the daycare to discipline him that minute? Anna's daycare sends home a note saying "I bit one of my friends today".

But that is awesome he remembered the crime!

Anonymous said...

That is so weird that they called you. but it's awesome that he remembered. my nate-nate is so smart and getting so big!!