Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Choosy moms choose ....

I'm so pleased with Nathan's daycare.
Back in March, almost two months before Nathan was born, Stephen and I went daycare shopping. We spent the entire day visiting daycares within a 15 minute radius of both our home and Stephen's office searching for child care.
I won't mention any names, but some of the facilities really concerned me.
There was one where the director couldn't find an application in her oh-so-cluttered office. Stephen pointed out if the application was that hard to find, what about our kid?
Another we visited had less-than-thrilled-looking employees who didn't really seem to enjoy their jobs.
Then there's the daycare we chose.
We were met at the door with smiles and guided throughout the entire facility with all our questions being answered. All the workers smiled and genuinely seemed happy to see us and our burgeoning bundle of joy in my tummy.
I was even more impressed in July when I called to see if Nathan could start sooner (since he was born earlier) and the director never hesitated to say yes.
All this came flooding back to me this morning when I dropped Nathan off.
His teacher greets him with smiles and hugs every morning. As I walked down the hall to leave, I was greeted by other teachers who smiled and asked how Nathan was. (They ALL know him by name!)
Even though it's still hard to leave him for 8+ hours each day, at least I know he's being loved and treated at daycare like we treat him at home. And that's really important to me.
In a future blog, I'll post a list of questions, sent to me by a friend, to consider when choosing a daycare.

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