Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ramblings of a proud mother

It's been a while since I bragged (on here, at least) on Nathan.
Not even two yet, Nathan has learned several different shapes - stars, rectangles, triangles, circles, squares and ovals - and several colors - purple, orange, yellow and pink.
But the most impressed I've been with the quality of his education/child care came last night and this morning.
To give you background, there is a Hispanic little boy in Nathan's class. Additionally, one little boy in the class has a deaf mother. So Nathan's teacher, Danielle, has been dilligent about teaching the class Spanish words and sign language. (And if you don't believe toddlers have a sense of humor, Danielle says Anthony laughs when she says words in Spanish.)
So, Danielle has been counting in Spanish and English for his class.
Which means now when you count to four in Spanish, Nathan screams "quatro!"
I'm so proud.

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