Friday, April 25, 2008

Two peas in a pod

My sister and I are a lot alike in many different ways. And, we also know each other pretty well.
One example of this is that during a recent shopping excursion, I saw a dress out of the corner of my eye, but since I was looking after Nathan, I couldn't go look at it. Laura wandered off and returned shortly, dress in hand and said "I thought you might like this."
Today was another such example.
We both had been looking for very specific shades of nail polish. Between us we probably have 30 bottles, but we were sick of all the colors we already own.
After looking online, Laura found a Maybelline shade called Speedy Hot Tamale. Being a nice sister (she'd disagree!), I went to Walgreens and bought it.
We went to Walmart tonight to look at some other shades and after looking, Laura brought over a shade of Sally Hansen called Flaminglo - the very shade I'd looked at online and loved.
Perhaps we are too much alike.
I'll post pictures of the shades as soon as we get our nails painted. After I get Nathan to bed.

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