Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why is everybody talking turkey?

We've had a lot of pictures and conversations in the newsroom about wild turkeys recently. Editor Jon Jimison has never seen one in person.
I can only shake my head in dismay. I grew up in the country (my backyard faced a cow pasture and crickets were the only real noise at night.) So I have to say, I'm scratching my head over the fascination with turkeys.
My son, Nathan, who is two years and 10 days old has seen wild turkeys in person. We see at least one or more a week on our trips to and from daycare. We've seen them on one stretch of road so many times that as soon as we turn onto it Nathan says "Turkeys." (We've also seen deer and bunnies, so we look out for those now too.)
Let's just hope my brother-in-law, David, doesn't get wind of the turkeys. He's an avid hunter and has already offered to take care of the deer eating my grandparents' garden.

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