Friday, June 13, 2008

Congratulations, Class of 2008

My own high school senior, my niece, Bailey, graduated last night from RS Central High School. Call me a sap, but I got so teary-eyed when I spotted her in the crowd of other graduates in the sea of royal blue and white.
While she's only technically been my niece for almost 8 years, "B" (as we call her) and I go way back. Bailey's uncle (my husband), Stephen, and I started dating in 1993 - when Bailey was just three years old.
As I sat in the stadium last night my mind went back to Bailey, around age 4, sitting on my lap during football games. And Bailey, who once very truthfully told one of Stephen's friends "You've got on too much cologne." And Bailey, who handmade my son, Nathan, a welcome-to-the-world card and gave him her favorite bunny when he was born.
I'm proud of all our graduates this year -- you've all come a long way.
But I'm especially proud of my "B".

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Unknown said...

I feel special.
with my crude truthfulness about Tony's overdone cologne usage. :]
I still can't believe that I'm finally out of school