Monday, August 06, 2007

Now that's my kind of art

The Cleveland County Arts Council is currently hosting a furniture as art exhibit. I visited today and was amazed at what I saw.
There is an accessory there called 4-1/2 men. Until Arts Council staffer Violet Arth pointed it out, I didn't see why the piece was so named. But ... the outline of the men are visible in the white space of the piece. It's incredible.
You can see some of the artwork and more information on the exhibit in Thursday's Spot section.


Anonymous said...

That picture is totally awesome! It took me a few seconds to see the men. I am looking forward to seeing the "Spot." I kept thinking it came out on Tuesdays and was really disappointed it wasn't there, but I guess I had my days mixed up.

Laura said...

That's really cool looking. I love optical illusions.

Stephen Flynn said...

If you liked that then check this out.

Castle Optical Afterimage Illusion