Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Only in my dreams

We were talking about back to school supplies this morning in the newsroom, which made me think about my old Trapper Keeper.
Then my mind wandered on to other items from my youth I'd like to see again. Here's a few I thought of - be sure to add your own in the comments.

- Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (they actually still make these, although I haven't tried them.) I remember winning one at some Girl Scout Christmas party that was grape flavored. Man, it was yummy.

- Kissing Coolers. This too was a lip gloss that tasted terrific.

- Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume. Remember the stuff? It was putrid pink and really didn't smell that good, but it sure brings back memories.

- Hyper Color T-shirts. They changed color with your body temperature. (And weren't good for dates.)

- Lisa Frank items. Was there any girl out there who didn't own at least one Lisa Frank pen, pencil, notebook or binder? (I wanted to design for Lisa Frank when I was a kid.)

Can anyone think of any others?


Laura said...

I always liked the feather pens that were popular circa Clueless. And I loved Lisa Frank!

Emily Killian said...

Hello Kitty anything - pencil boxes, stickers, you name it, girls had it.

SeaCat said...

LOL...this will REALLY age me...but I always liked the "blue horse" notebook paper. We saved the horse heads and each one was worth a number of points. We could redeem them for school supplies at the school store. I went to Marion. Eons ago...

I have a best friend who collects Hello Kitty anything, and being the cat lover that I am, I have quite a few things myself.

Mommy said...

I loved jelly shoes.

I had a Princess of Power castle and the dolls, though I don't remember being very tight with She-Ra.

I was tight with Madonna on my Walkman. I like the song "Papa Don't Preach" best of all and really don't think I had a clue what the song was really about.

I liked pound puppies - they were super cuddly.

I wasn't a fan of slap bracelets but lots of my friends were. But I was a fan of scratch 'n sniff stickers; all stickers, really - I had my own little sticker collection book. :)

Allison Flynn said...

Ah, nostalgia. I had forgotten Pound Puppies and scratch 'n sniff stickers.
Never really got into Hello Kitty. I think that rage hit right after I was a little older.

Anonymous said...

a friend and I were having a discussion about the 80's and were discussing the "Madonna like" wearing of pumps with the short, fold over, lacy socks with then and the florescent colored jewelery. We also talked about the only way to roll up jeans.....fold into to make it tight and then roll into a cuff. What were we thinking????????? lol